Writer on the River

01218 February, 2013

I sit and look out at the Columbia River, one of the widest and longest rivers in the US. Water flows past in unfathomable quantities. But today, the scenery is slow to change. The clouds saunter by in a sky reluctant to give up its steel-grey facade. Freight trains, their length reaching beyond the scope of my picture window, carry cargo westward on the Washington side of the river. They offer a shift in scenery, as well as a soothing, distant rumble.
I’m at the Vagabond Lodge in Hood River, Oregon. For me, these few days are a writing retreat by default, having forfeited time with my partner and our pups for the sake of her job. But I simply cannot fill an entire day with writing. Can’t be done. So, I’ve enjoyed plenty of time outdoors birding and hiking the hilly trails on the bluff of the river. The Columbia Gorge is one of my favorite places. It’s great to spend time here.

I woke early, excited to calm my mind by getting words down on paper. (I miss that phrase. “Getting words onto my computer screen” just doesn’t have the same zing.) After a pause to walk the trail along the bluff and get a few photos of the local birds, I wrote some more. Lunch. Then….TA DA! One of the highlights of my day … macchiato in a cappuccino cup at Doppio Coffee. Those guys had no problem with the half pour! And yum. Stayed there and wrote a couple more hours, pushing the action forward in my book by leaps and bounds.
Okay, since this isn’t a diary or journal, let me skip to the point. It was only 2:30 and my writing brain was spent. Practicing piano for hours is a breeze in comparison.
Tonight’s plan: write, write, write. Tomorrow: write, Doppio, home. Write?


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