Writer resurfacing

003I haven’t posted for a good long while. It’s a reflection of the lack of flow I’ve had in my writing lately. It’s not that I stopped writing, not at all. But I ran into a problem with the details in my book. I’m on page 260 of the final book in a series, and I need to wrap things up, and refer back to previous events. I kept running into road blocks. So, instead of backing up and re-reading the first two books, straightening out facts and timelines chronologically, I tried to forge on, inserting question marks and highlighting info I’d have to go back to later. It got to be a real grind. So, I stopped fighting the lack of flow, and have started the re-writing process from page one of book one.
It’s pretty fun and exciting to revisit the characters from their inception. I am reinventing myself now, using writing techniques I’ve learned along the way, and doing away entirely with other devices I’ve learned turn off literary agents and editors.
Now, I can’t get enough time with the books, and what feels like minutes pass as hours. Heehaw. I’m back!


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